Why you need to trim your trees at the right time of the year

For everything there is a season. For trimming trees, that season is the fall or winter. There are a few reasons for this that we can get into, but the important point is that you should avoid removing any branches during warmer months. 

What’s wrong with trimming and pruning in the warmer months?

The first reason for this is simple — trees have a growth period in the warmer months, and it’s best not to interfere with this. During the spring and summer for a tree, there will be much more life and activity. The leaves are out in full, blossoms and fruits are ripening and the tree itself is growing in both its trunk and branches. 

Trimming during this period can lead to unevenness, since the growth will continue after the limbs have been removed. It is also harder on the tree to heal open wounds at this time because so much energy is being used on all these other activities. This can lead to added stress on the tree and leave it more vulnerable to disease and pests. 

Speaking of diseases and pests, these are much more active in warmer months as well. So, in addition to having wounds that do not quickly heal, there are more threats around to take advantage of this. 

Lastly, it is more convenient for the person doing the work when there isn’t an abundance of leaves, blossoms, fruits, etc. getting in their way. These can block their view of the tree they are working on, and the view of anyone on the ground helping them, and they can also add a lot of extra weight and bulk to the limbs being removed. 

The importance of trimming

If you love being outdoors in the warm weather (and maybe avoid being outside in the Indiana winters) do not let this deter you. The job still needs to be done. Some of the biggest reasons to make sure your trees are properly trimmed include:

  • Protecting people and property: When you see a branch that will eventually become a problem (like if it will head towards your home or hang over your driveway), the earlier you can trim it, the easier and less expensive it will be. 
  • Looks: Sometimes a limb does not fit well with the overall look of a tree. It may be misshapen, out of place or just unsightly. Your trees are there to be enjoyed, so removing these unattractive limbs is recommended. 
  • Health of the tree: A dead or diseased branch can negatively affect the health of the tree. Removing these quickly can help preserve its wellbeing and prevent the problem from spreading.
  • Overcrowding of branches: At times, the crown of a tree can accumulate too many limbs, which inhibits air flow and makes the tree top heavy. It’s important in these cases to trim the excess limbs as well. 

Have a professional do the job

Anthony’s is the most trusted name in lawn and tree care in Bloomington. We pride ourselves on keeping your lawn and trees healthy and looking great. In the fall and winter, having trees trimmed can be a major part of that process. We recommend the job be done in the colder months, and we also recommend that those without professional experience and equipment rely on those who do. Give us a call at (812) 345-5694 and we can get the job done the right way, with the right tools, in the right season.