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Sod Installation in Bloomington, IN

Whether you have a new construction in need of an entire lawn of sod, or just need to patch a hole in your lawn, we can help with sod installation services for your Bloomington area home or business. We can help to provide a variety of quality grasses like Zoysia, Bluegrass, Bermuda and Fescue. Our trained professionals know how to install the grass properly, and we ensure your property is cleaned up afterward and ready for you to enjoy.

We also understand that new grass is at risk of dying if not cared for properly. Below the contact form is a guide for proper grass care once we have installed it. If you want ongoing help with the care and maintenance of your lawn we are happy to provide a free quote. Get an award winning team on the project.

Whatever it is you need regarding sod installation, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today! 

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Proper Sod Maintenance Guide

The First 7-14 days

One of the most important elements of caring for your new sod is to make sure it’s properly watered, especially in the first few weeks. Immediately after installing the sod you should water it heavily so it is spongy when walked upon. It might seem like too much water but you need more than you think. Ultimately you want the ground below to be soggy for up to 6” below. Water the new grass 3-5 times per day in the first two weeks.

Other tips for sod care in the first two weeks:

  1. Continue to text moisture depth. Even if the top of wet, you want to ensure moisture is at least 4” deep.
  2. Stay off the sod for a few weeks – walking on it can damage it.
  3. Water frequently, especially if you have dry weather. If the sod is allowed to dry out it can turn brown and die. However once the first two weeks are over, the need to keep it so damp will be too.
  4. At the end of the first few weeks allow the grass to dry enough to mow.

Weeks 3-5

The next few weeks are going to be critical to the proper growth and development of your sod. You want to start a transition from frequent daily watering to less frequent watering. In week 3 you can go down to 1-3 waterings per day, and even skip a day if the sod isn’t drying out completely. By week 4 you can likely go to 1-2 waterings per day and skip a day – this is all dependent on your weather and how much sun the grass is getting.

Tips for weeks 3-5

  1. Water in the evening or morning when the sun is lowest and the chance of evaporation is lower.
  2. To avoid excess run off, water for shorter time periods but more often.

Other Tips

  1. Frequent watering is extremely important in the first few weeks, and it will be difficult to over water. However once the roots have taken after a few weeks you CAN over water, so make sure to follow our guide above.
  2. Do not mow the newly laid sod for at least two weeks after installation. After the first two weeks, let the sod get dry enough so as to not damage or sink into it with the mower.
  3. It is best to water in the morning or evening, when evaporation will be minimal.
  4. Do not mow below 2” for the first few mowings. You risk cutting it too short and damaging the grass below that length.
  5. Wait 7-10 weeks to add pesticides or fertilizer.
  6. Aerate at least once per year, every 6 months is better. You should wait 6 months to aerate your new grass.

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