Fall Clean Up Service

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Fall Clean Up Service in Bloomington, IN

With the dropping temperatures and falling leaves, your yard might not be looking it’s best right now. We can help!

With our Fall Clean Up service, we can get your yard looking tidy again. Prepare now for a beatiful yard next spring!

A freshly mowed lawn against a backdrop of fall trees, part of a Anthony's fall clean up service

Are Leaves Good For My Yard Or Not?

While it’s true that some leaf covarage can be good for both your lawn and wildlife, too much leaf coverage can cause problems.

If there is too much leaf coverage, your grass can become smothered, reducing air circulation and blocking sunlight. Along with the potential slip hazard of damp piles of leaves, dense piles can also harbor pests, cause potential drainage problems and can even damage wood siding!

What's Included in Our Fall Clean Up?

Leaf pick up Leaf Removal: Curbside Pick Up (we have a leaf vacuum!) or full property removal
Shrub Shrub Removal & Trimming
Tree Trimming & Tree Removal
Winter Lawn Prep



A gardening fork and shovel Weeding, Landscape & Bed Cleanout
Stick & Debris Pick Up
Bulb/Winter Pansy Planting



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