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It’s 3am and a massive thunderstorm is causing havoc in your area. The unimaginable happens and you hear the unmistakable crash of a tree coming through your roof. This experience is both terrifying and devastating, and it can be tough to know what to do. 

Anthony’s Lawn Care & Landscaping is here to help. We will answer the bell for folks and can help within a matter of hours remove the tree and tarp up your roof. We are the premier tree removal company in Bloomington and surrounding areas, and we will help you through a difficult time. 

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Emergency tree service — while those three words may seem dramatic at first look, there are real emergencies related to trees in Bloomington, and lost seconds can mean the difference between avoiding serious injury to people and property or facing their full effect. 

Storm damage

Storms at any time of year can bring high winds and heavy precipitation. If you have trees situated near your home or business, a large limb or completely toppled trunk can crush vehicles, buildings or, God forbid, people. 

When a storm passes through, it may be clear very quickly that a dangerous situation has emerged, and you need emergency help to return the property to safety. 

Crushed roof or car

It’s not just during storms that trees fall. Sometimes a dead tree simply falls, or a limb large enough to cause similar damage breaks off from the tree. When these fall onto a house, it will be impossible to rest until the tree is removed. The damage can be extensive to the structure, but construction crews cannot even assess the damage and come up with plans to begin repairs until the tree is gone. 

Vehicles that have had a large limb or tree fall on them are often totalled, but some can be salvaged with serious body work. Either way, the car cannot be towed to the body shop or the junkyard without removing the many hundreds of pounds of wood laying on them first. Emergency tree services can move quickly to get this done so you can get back in your home or back on the road. 

Roads and utilities

Often, emergency tree service professionals need to coordinate with the local government or utilities in order to do their work. If a tree falls across a road, it may block traffic. If a limb falls onto an electrical wire, it could knock out power for miles. If a strong wind pulls up roots, it could crack open an underground water pipe. Tree service providers are used to navigating these issues and will generally know who to contact to make them aware and to cooperate on repairs. 

Special equipment needed

In emergency situations, your first instinct may be to leap into action and fix the issue yourself. Of course if the tree is falling at that very moment, you may have no choice but to take emergency measures, like grabbing a child out of the way. But there are many situations where specialized equipment and professionals who are trained in safely handling the problem are necessary. Don’t hurt yourself; call the experts. 

Bucket trucks, cranes, the right saws, climbing equipment and many more large, expensive and complicated items are not likely to be present on your property, even if you did know how to use them. For the job to get done right, and to avoid serious damage to people and property, it is likely that you will need to bring in those who have access to these things, along with the training and experience in completing complicated tasks with them. 

Anthony’s Tree Service is your Bloomington, Indiana, emergency tree service company

Those in Bloomington, Indiana, or the surrounding areas, can trust Anthony’s to respond 24 hours a day to emergency tree issues. We will show up ASAP with our equipment and trained arborists to handle the problem and clean up the debris. Call (812) 345-5694 immediately if you have a tree emergency, and put the rest in our hands. 

ALC is a member of the Internal Society of Aboriculture which means we know what we are doing when it comes to tree, limb and stump grinding. We have years of training and experience and can help you with jobs of all sizes. Emergency tree service is especially tricky because the tree could be near broken electrical wires, plumbing and in a precarious position on your home. That’s why it is so important to trust an expert to manage this process, and we work tirelessly to help you regain a sense of normalcy as soon as possible in a time of great stress. 

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“Anthony has removed two trees now for us that had fallen after storms and done some other landscaping jobs as well. He is reliable, fairly priced, and friendly. We are always thrilled with his work and his promptness. Highly recommend him!”


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In our experience some of the issues clients have with other companies is a lack of detail and attention thereof. We make sure to do the little things, from calling ahead for an appointment to cleaning up our mess to calling after to check on the job. We believe the details matter. 

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