Having a tree cut down to the stump is necessary in a number of circumstances. Once this is done though, you will be left with a decision of what to do with that ugly reminder of the tree. Assuming you don’t want the eyesore there permanently, your options generally come down to whether you want to have the stump removed or grinded. So what’s the difference?

Stump removal

In both cases, the stump will be eliminated, but these two methods have some differences. Stump removal involves a much more intensive process where the entire root ball of the tree is dug up and removed. To do this, a lot of labor and equipment is used to excavate all around the root system. 

If this sounds like a long, expensive process, that’s because it is. In the end, this enormous root ball will be dragged out of the ground with heavy equipment. A giant hole in the ground will be there in its place. This then has to be filled in order to re-level the ground, or else it can be a safety hazard. 

The advantage of stump removal is that the tree, stump and root system is completely removed. If you want to plant another tree in that exact spot, you can do that. 

Stump grinding

A much more affordable and easier process is to have the stump grinded. The main equipment used for this is called — you guessed it — a stump grinder. The stump grinder has a long arm with a saw at the end of it. The arm is lowered onto the stump and moved back and forth until the stump is below the level of the ground. 

The process creates a lot of wood chips which can be used for mulch to cover the area where the stump had been. Generally, dirt is placed on the remainder of the stump, which is now beneath the surface, and the area is made to resemble the rest of the space around it. If you didn’t know there had been a stump in that location, you would be none the wiser. 

Anthony’s Tree Removal grinds stumps in the Bloomington, Indiana, area

Between the two methods, most people opt to grind the stump. There are some cases, like if you have limited space to plant trees and want one in that exact location, where stump removal will be preferred. But for the most part, the much higher cost, added time and bigger mess make it not worth the trouble. 

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