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We proudly provide Tree Removal Service to the folks of Bloomington, IN and surrounding areas. With our combined experience & expertise, we can ensure your satisfaction. We are also fully insured!

From tree trimming and shaping to stump grinding, we can do it all. We promise to keep your trees healthy and beautiful to complement your beautiful yard and landscape. Maintaining your outdoor space doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. Give us a call or click below to request a free estimate!

Member of The International Society of Aboriculture

ALC is a member of the Internal Society of Aboriculture which means we know what we are doing when it comes to tree, limb and stump grinding. We have years of training and experience and can help you with jobs of all sizes. Tree and limb removal can be extremely dangerous and it is highly recommended to find a licensed professional to handle that type of work. We are an award winning team and one of the highest rated tree service businesses in Indiana. If you would like a free estimate please give us a call today!

5 Reasons to Trim Your Trees

1. Hazardous limbs could fall and damage your home or harm you. Trimming them can help protect you, your loved ones, and your property.

2. Your insurance company may lower your home insurance if you trim limbs close to the roof.

3. It’s healthy for your trees to be trimmed properly. Fall and winter is the best time to trim many species of trees.

4. Dead branches hinder the growth of healthy branches.

5. Trimming your trees improves the appearance of your trees and property.

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“Anthony has removed two trees now for us that had fallen after storms and done some other landscaping jobs as well. He is reliable, fairly priced, and friendly. We are always thrilled with his work and his promptness. Highly recommend him!”


Professional Tree Service Equipment

One of the other elements that really sets us apart from other companies is our professional equipment and expertise. We have a large bucket truck, which allows us to safely and efficently trim or remove large trees that might be over your house or property. We keep our saws and climbing equipment in great condition, and our guys all are focused on safety and quality service for our customers. 

In addition we have trucks and trailers for our cleanup crews that allow for quick removal of all tree cuttings and debris, which means you don’t have to deal with lots of ugly piles of debris after your tree is trimmed or removed. 

So if you are looking for professional tree service with the right equipment, the right experience and the right people we are your go to choice! We also offer free estimates so if you have a tree you want trummed or removed, let us know and we will be happy to come take a look. 



Free Stump Grinding Quotes

Looking to have a stump on your property ground down? We have professional equipment and can handle any sized job. We also have a free stump grinding quote calculator so you can get a quote with just a few measurements and a little info. Learn how much it will cost to grind your stump today. 

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Tree Identification Guide

Do you have a tree on your property that you need help identifying? We have put together a comprehensive guide of images and descriptions about many of the most common trees found in Indiana, though this guide is useful for folks in any locale. Take a look at our tree guide if you are trying to answer the answer “what tree is this?”

Tree Service Blog Posts

Check out some of our posts that are related to tree trimming, tree removal and tree health. 

What Are The Different Parts of a Tree?

What Are The Different Parts of a Tree?

Anatomy of a tree Most property owners have at least one tree on their land. But how much do you really know about these large plants? Trees come in many shapes and sizes — from a tiny bonsai tree to a towering redwood — but all of them have a very basic anatomy in...

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What Makes Us Different?


We strive to provide fair and honest pricing, and our pricing generally some of the best you will find in Bloomington and surrounding areas. We believe that our service should be affordable and we work to make sure we keep costs low to keep your prices low. 

Quality People

Our staff really is the difference maker for not just our lawn mowing services, but our business in general. We work hard to hire good people who can be trusted around your home, and will deliver quality service in a timley manner. 


Ever since we started in 2014, we have been a company our clients can rely upon. With this type of business there is always going to be some flexibility needed in scheduling, but if we say we will be somewhere we honor that or make sure to communicate clearly and work to reschedule when it works for you. 


Eye For Detail

In our experience some of the issues clients have with other companies is a lack of detail and attention thereof. We make sure to do the little things, from calling ahead for an appointment to cleaning up our mess to calling after to check on the job. We believe the details matter. 

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