Removing limbs in dangerous areas

Tree care is one area where do-it-yourselfers should really be wary of taking on too much. Watering and a bit of pruning are alright, but when limbs, or entire trees, need to be removed, this generally requires heavy equipment, certified experts and years of experience. 

This is even more true when discussing removing limbs and trees that are in dangerous areas — like near power lines or overhanging structures. These types of jobs should never be attempted by an amateur. Let’s take a look at what they require to show why. 

Power lines

In most states, it is the responsibility of the utility company to trim away limbs, and even whole trees, that may interfere with their power lines. They can do this even without the property owner’s consent in most cases. This rule is based on the National Electrical Safety Code, which is an industry code voluntarily adopted by U.S. states. 

Indiana goes along with the majority of states in adopting these rules. In state statute 32-30-16-16, “Compliance with National Electric Safety Code,” it states, “When installing communications infrastructure under this chapter, an electricity supplier shall comply with all applicable rules and standards included in the National Electric Safety Code most recently adopted by the state.”

The reason this is the national standard is because of the added danger and urgency involved in dealing with live electric wires. Not only could the wires start a fire or electrocute someone nearby, but if the lines are severed, many thousands of people could immediately lose their access to power. This is more than an inconvenience. It could be a danger if the temperatures are low, if someone has vital medical equipment plugged in or countless other scenarios. They simply can’t risk amateurs taking on these jobs.

Near a home or other structure

Another very dangerous area to attempt DIY limb or tree removal is near a structure, especially one used as a dwelling or place of business. It is common for novices to put strategic cuts in the wood and have ropes they believe will guide the tree or limb to where they want it. But when gravity takes control, these strategies often are shown to be poorly thought out. 

And when a tree or large limb falls somewhere out of your control in these areas near structures, tragedy often strikes. At the very least, your home could sustain damage. Nearby automobiles hit by a heavy limb can be easily crushed. And sadly, in the worst case, pets or even people can be injured or killed.

What “the experts” have that you don’t

It’s not a matter of just having sharp enough saws to cut through a trunk or a limb. The necessary equipment, especially in the more dangerous situations described above, likely includes bucket trucks, climbing equipment, multiple types of specialized saws and so much more. 

In addition to the equipment, there’s another thing they have that DIYers don’t — expertise. This expertise includes training, certifications and experience. So please, don’t risk your safety and that of those around you to take down a tree or limb.

While, as we said earlier, tree and limb removal around power lines is done by the utility companies in Indiana, Anthony’s does handle jobs in other dangerous and tricky situations. Call your utility company if you have concerns about power lines and your trees. But otherwise, those in the Bloomington area can give us a call at (812) 345-5694 and we will assess your tree or limb issues.