When it comes to DIY projects, many property owners are filled with a false sense of confidence, thinking, “This can’t be so hard — right?” With some jobs, they may be right. With others, like most tree service tasks, they may be entering into a very dangerous circumstance that’s better left to the professionals. 

A tree service job done by an amateur leaves open the very real possibility of heavy limbs falling and injuring people, pets or property below; of the worker themselves falling out of the tree; and of sharp saws or other equipment seriously injuring them. 

The right equipment is an absolute necessity for avoiding these kinds of accidents, and, as you’ll see by the list of items below, only tree service professionals are likely to have access to, and the knowledge to operate, these tools. 

Big trucks

The large vehicles needed for many tree and limb removal jobs have very specific purposes. 

  • A bucket truck lifts the worker dozens of feet in the air so they can operate in higher areas of the tree easily and safely. 
  • A crane truck secures a limb or trunk section as it is being separated from the tree so it is controlled and won’t fall with a crash below. 
  • Transport trucks are used to bring other large equipment to the site and to take things like wood chips and other debris away. 

Heavy equipment

  • Bobcats and other moving and loading machines that the worker rides in are necessary to move heavy logs and limbs. 
  • Chippers of various sizes and purposes are used to turn big sections of the tree into wood chips that can be hauled away easily. 
  • Stump grinders have a saw attached to an adjustable arm, which is lowered down to the stump, allowing the final visible part of the tree to be grinded up. 


  • Pole saws are, as the name suggests, saws on long poles. They are used so that a worker on the ground can reach up and saw off a limb at around 20 feet or below. 
  • Chainsaws are a vital part of a tree service team. There are specific chainsaws for use in the tree and others for on the ground. There are also chainsaws of different sizes. 

Climbing and rigging gear

  • Rope, and many more feet of rope than you would imagine, are needed at many stages of the job. 
  • Spurs, also known as spikes, gaffs or climbers, are worn by the worker to climb the tree. They wear a leg brace with sharp spikes on the end that secure them to the trunk as they ascend. 
  • TONS of other gear, like saddles, goggles, straps, carabiners, winches and pulleys, is needed to safely climb and secure people and equipment during the job. 

A job for the pros — like Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping

Unless it’s a fairly small, simple job, which you’re certain you can do safely, it is wise to leave this work to the professionals. Operating a bucket truck, a crane, wood chippers, chainsaws, and even just climbing trees with spurs, is beyond the usual DIY weekend project. 

If you live in Bloomington, Indianapolis or the surrounding towns of Clear Creek, Dolan, Ellettsville, Elwren, Handy, Kirby, New Unionville, Unionville and Whitehall, Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping can get the job done the right way with the right tools. Give us a call at (812) 345-5694 to learn more.