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How Summer Jobs Shaped My Career

My career got an early start on top of a riding lawn mower. I was only about 5 when my dad bought the mower that would kick-start the profession I’ve enjoyed for years now. While the yard work I did for my dad and neighbors as a kid is far behind me, those summers spent working taught me lessons that still guide me today. Summer jobs can show us the value of hard work, how to communicate with others, and the importance of responsibility. As my son begins to take those early rides on the mower with me, I can’t help but reflect on all the great things I took away from my childhood jobs ... CONTINUE READING

Our Slam Dunk Sponsorship Is Nothing But Net!

When we aren’t busy working with roots, we’re rooting for youth basketball in Bloomington! Here at Anthony’s Lawn Care, we constantly seek out ways to support the community and give back. With our passion for planting seeds and love of basketball, partnering with a program that helps young people grow and thrive seemed like the perfect match ... CONTINUE READING

Tips for a Stress-Free Backyard Barbecue

Enjoying your own party can be more complicated than it sounds. Backyard barbecues are a high point of summer, but hosting one you enjoy with your guests requires planning.

“If swimming is on the agenda, consider protecting new or light-colored indoor furniture with water-resistant covers so ... CONTINUE READING

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