It may only be January, but in the world of gardening and landscaping this is a very special time of year: the “dreaming” stage. Now is the time to think about what your goals are for the year in gardening and try to channel your inner Monty Don to make your space into a big dream. However, in looking at your property you might find that there are certain trees or limbs impeding the look you want.

When you get ready to take your design from paper to the lawn, it begs a few questions:

  1. Can I take care of my tree removal needs on my own?
  2. Do I need any special equipment for tree removal?
  3. What is the best time of year to trim trees or remove them entirely?

To answer the first two questions, yes you certain COULD take care of the removals on your own. With the right training and equipment you can do that type of work. But it is important to keep in mind that folks like Anthony spend years in the business, and get officially certfied for that type of work. There are major dangers in tree removal and trimming, and it is NOT recommended to try major tree work on your own. You need harnesses, helmets, chainsaws and other specialized gear so it generally makes more sense to pay someone.

As far as time of the year, the best answer is generally right before spring. You want to give the tree a chance to enjoy the moisture and sun of the spring and grow back from the trimming.

So if you have big dreams for your garden this year, and need to trim or remove trees or stumps in order to make it work, Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping is happy to help. Give us a call for a quote today.