As a homeowner you obviously have a inexplicable number of items on your to-do list at any given moment. Some folks are interested in doing work on their home themselves, and would never dream of calling someone to handle something they know they can do like cleaning their gutters. Others find it most prudent to have a number of experts on speed dial to handle any number of tasks from handyman work to plumbing to home exteriors and lawn work.

Gutter cleaning is a task that can sound extremely simple in concept, but can turn out to be far more challenging once you get a free Saturday with clear skies and get up on that ladder. Cleaning your gutters, especially here in the Bloomington area with our abundant trees (and leaves) is very important to total home health. Full gutters can cause water to spill over the edge, ruining your siding, lawn and causing serious damage to your home. You can end up with thousands of dollars in damage that could have been prevented by regularly cleaned gutters.

Anthony’s Home Care Services offers gutter cleaning at an affordable rate, and we would be happy to come to your home for a free estimate. HOWEVER, if you decide to delve into the world of DIY gutter cleaning, we can at least offer you some tips on what to watch out for and what type of equipment you might need to do it right.

First and foremost you will need a ladder. Ladders come in all shapes and sizes, and what type you need truly does depend on what type of job you are doing. For AHS, we handle all jobs big and small so a 28’ Werner Fiberglass ladder is something we might have in our toolshed. This size ladder will handle getting all the way to the top of large homes, and will keep our guys safe and sound. When you try to use the wrong tool for the job is where you can get into trouble. If your gutters on the second story of your home at 16’ in the air, and you try to use your 12’ ladder to reach the fascia and gutters for cleaning, you are putting yourself in real danger. It is advisable to reach out to an expert to handle cleanings that go much higher than 8’, but if you do endeavor to DIY then make sure you have the right ladder.

The question really isn’t “Can I clean my gutters myself”. The question really is“Do I want to clean my gutters myself?” Many times the answer is a resounding “no”. If you don’t want to invest multiple hours of your weekend, multiple hundreds of dollars in the right equipment, and put yourself in harms way then you should call an expert for gutter cleaning such as Anthony’s Home Services. Give us a call today for an estimate on gutter cleaning, tree removal and any lawn care service you might need in the Bloomington, IN area.

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