No, it is not legal to burn yard waste in the state of Indiana. Simply, you cannot burn household trash, business trash, construction/demolition debris, or dumped waste. Below, the information is taken directly from the state of Indiana’s website so we suggest that you adhere to these standards of practices to avoid:

  • Place trash in a barrel or on the ground and set it on fire
  • Burn dumped waste
  • Allow an accumulation of combustible materials — you are still liable if those materials catch fire due to vandalism, accidents, or acts of God

In order to be a good neighbor you can always call your local health or fire department if you see a controlled burn that has become a health or property issue. There are examples of burns that are exempt from the above rules. These include campfires in designated areas . It is still never allowed to burn trash or yard materials. However, if you own a farm, nursery, tree farm, or need to clear wood then you are legally allowed to burn excess materials. The important exemption is that it must be in an unincorporated area, implying that there is little around in the way of businesses or residential.

Lastly, if you wish to burn in order to manage the aftereffects of a natural disaster or to clear land, you must obtain prior approval. See the list of alternate activities that one can do in order to cleanse their land, all are approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.