There’s no doubt that it’s hot outside and the forecast just doesn’t show any signs of cooler weather. Fortunately, you can avoid the heat by staying indoors with the air conditioner. Your lawn doesn’t have that luxury. In fact, it’s out there exposed to the sun’s powerful rays and extreme heat. The last thing you want is for your carefully cared for lawn to turn brown and brittle. Use these easy techniques to protect your grass and keep it green all summer.

Don’t Cut Grass Too Short

A uniformly manicured lawn looks beautiful, but be careful about cutting your grass too short. Ideally, you’ll only want to cut off ⅓ of the grass height when you mow. This gives the grass an opportunity to put energy into growing strong roots, but doesn’t have a harmful impact on the grass’s ability to feed itself.

Mow When It’s Cooler

Mowing your lawn during the hottest part of the day is going to be uncomfortable for you and harmful for your grass. Instead, try to get your lawn mowed in the morning once the dew has dried. Early evenings are also a good time to mow, but beware of mosquitoes as the sun goes down.

Water Your Grass With Care

Although you may think that your lawn needs extra water during the hottest part of the day, that’s not really true. In fact, grass typically likes to be a bit dry. Water in the early mornings once or twice a week to ensure your grass gets around an inch or so of water each time and your grass will stay green.

Limit Traffic on the Grass

Your lawn isn’t just ornamental, it’s also where your kids, pets, friends, and family play and relax together. Keeping people off the grass isn’t always easy, but when the summer heat rises, it’s a good idea to avoid dry, brown patches.

Get Professional Lawn Care Services

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