If your yard is a mess, don’t feel bad — it’s nearly impossible to maintain an orderly lawn throughout the fall. While leaves, twigs, limbs, debris, grass clippings, lawn furniture and all manner of other things can make your beautiful yard a big mess in a hurry, it can be fixed just as quickly. 

If you love the outdoors, you may want to grab some gloves, trashbags and tools and get to work. This can be great exercise, a good way to spend more time outdoors and maybe a good way of getting some alone (or bonding) time. 

Or you can leave it to the professionals

There’s also no shame in having a professional lawn service visit to quickly knock it out. Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping is Bloomington, Indiana’s favorite local landscaper and we can get your yard back to its former glory in as little as one visit. 

Some common lawn cleanup services we provide include:

  • Repairs: After a storm, vandalism, neglect or other cause of damage, trust us to make the needed repairs. Examples are water features, gardens, walkways or turf.
  • Leaf removal: It doesn’t take very long after the leaves start falling for the entire lawn to be covered. We can schedule regular leaf cleanup during the fall or come by on an as-needed basis. 
  • Limb, branch, tree removal: Whether it’s one large limb that needs to be removed, or an entire tree, let us remove the eyesore to get it out of your yard and off your mind. 
  • Yard debris: Sometimes things just accumulate in a yard over time. We don’t judge; we just remove what you ask us to! Decades of junk can be removed quickly. 

Remember curb appeal

There are many reasons to maintain the “curb appeal” of your current property. Those wanting to see their property value increase over time should keep in mind what others see as they drive or walk by. 

This is especially true if you are considering selling your home in the near future. Real estate agents will tell you, if you don’t have curb appeal, you won’t be able to get people in the door to see how great the inside of your home is. And if you can’t get them inside, the demand, and therefore the price for your home, will not be nearly what it could be. 

Lastly, taking a little pride in your yard can help make relations with your neighbors more positive. If you are that person in the neighborhood who allows years of debris and trash to gather, the truth is, many living around you will start to blame you when their house doesn’t sell immediately, or if their home value doesn’t increase as much as they wanted. 

You want your neighbors to smile and wave when they see you, not turn their backs and go inside. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need a favor from them one day or it will help inspire them to keep their own yard free from debris. 

Call in the experts

In the Bloomington, Indiana, area, whether Clear Creek, Dolan, Ellettsville, Elwren, Handy, New Unionville, Unionville or Whitehall, Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping is the clear choice. Voted Herald Times Reader’s Choice “Best Landscaping Company in Bloomington” for 2019, we are recognized and trusted by the region to get the job done. 

You can call Anthony’s at (812) 345-5694, and we’ll discuss a regular yard debris cleanup schedule or even just a one-time visit.