Creating a beautiful property is so much more than the grass of a lawn. There are also hardscaping projects — those involving stone and brick work — that can bring a yard to life and increase the value of the home. Here are five that we recommend considering which are proven to be a good return on investment. 

  • Patio: A patio is the most basic hardscaping project and can add value to your home. Patios are generally directly adjacent to the home, often right outside a back door, and are a great place to have seating, to grill and to gather outside. You can further upgrade your patio with a pergola, a cover or even a brick or stone fire pit. 
  • Outdoor kitchen: An outdoor kitchen is typically part of a larger patio area, but it is such a major project it deserves its own entry. These can be more expensive than other hardscaping projects, but they also have a great return on investment for your home value. Outdoor kitchens require some plumbing for the sink, electric for the refrigerators and other trade work, as well as the use of weather-proof materials, but when it’s done, you’ll love the opportunity to be able to hang outside, cook and gather for a meal.
  • Retaining wall: Having a retaining wall can solve a lot of problems if there are difficult slopes on your property. Erosion can cause these to shift, and they will be difficult to keep grass on, rather than turning into a muddy mess. A retaining wall eliminates the gradual transition of a hill, and allows two flat surfaces to exist, one low and one high. It can be a good edge to a patio or other hardscape project too because they almost always require flat ground. 
  • Paver walkway: A quick way to increase your curb appeal, and therefore increase your home value, is to have a nice walkway of paver stones from the street to your front door. It is not as expensive as many other hardscape projects, but it can make a big difference on people’s first impressions of your property. You can also add walkways along the side of the home to access the backyard and from the driveway to the front door.
  • Water feature: Nothing makes an outdoor area more serene, relaxing, and, well, classy, than a nice water feature. The fish and plants in the pond, the sound of running water and the birds and critters it attracts all add so much to the enjoyment of a yard. For this reason, they also add a lot to a home’s value as well. These can be expensive as well, but depending on the quality of the work and the degree to which it improves the yard, it can be a good return on investment. 

Which of these is most attractive to you?

While improving the value of your home is a great goal with hardscape projects, a lot of your inspiration should be on how it improves your enjoyment of the property. If you get most excited seeing yourself sitting around a fire pit on a new patio sharing a cocktail with friends, then that may be the best option. If you see yourself cooking up a feast in your outdoor kitchen, go for that. And if you see yourself sitting by a relaxing water feature deep in thought, just enjoying nature, that may be the right project for you.

Those in the Bloomington, Indiana, area do not have to make this decision on their own though. Anthony’s is an expert in building beautiful hardscapes for homeowners in the area, and we can show you some of our past projects to see what appeals most to you. Then we can get to work building the perfect hardscape — one that will improve your home value while also improving your enjoyment of the property. Call us at (812) 345-5694 to get started today.