If you are a homeowner in Bloomington, IN you know well that winter can be hard on your home & lawn. The elements take their toll, and you probably take care of your gutters, and your driveway, and get your lawn mowed. But there is a secret danger lurking in our lawns that often is overlooked or pushed off for “next year”.

Having dead trees on your land carries a variety of risks, and even if you don’t think that dead tree is going to land on your home or that of your neighbor, it still be time to get tree service at your Bloomington area home. Here are five dangers you might not be aware of that come with having dead trees on your plot.

  1. Dead trees attract pests. This is an often overlooked aspect of having a dead tree on your land. Dead trees not only attract termites, carpenter ants and other wood boring insects, but they also attract the animals that eat them like moles and voles. So if you want to avoid pest issues, getting that dead tree cut down could be useful.
  2. Dead trees can be contagious and kill other trees on your property. You might know that a tree is dead, but do you know why? Indiana has a variety of tree diseases that can spread from tree to tree. Emerald Ash Borer, Chestnut Blight, and Heart Rot are just a few. Getting your dead tree cut down can help lower the risk to other trees.
  3. Branches (or the entire tree) can fall and damage property. This is pretty straight forward, but a really good reason to take care of that dead tree. You never know when a branch will fall, even if there is no wind or storm. It could fall on your property, or that of a neighbor depending on the location on your property. This could be not only a significant setback to using their pool, but you could have insurance and litigation issues on your hands.
  4. Branches (or the entire tree) could fall and injure or even kill you or a loved one. This is not fun to think about, or even write about, but it is true. Dead trees can fall, and their branches can fall, and that is dangerous to you and your loved ones. Even a small child’s weight on a dead branch can cause it to break. So make sure that risk is mitigated with tree service from Anthony’s.
  5. Dead trees are much more likely to fall. It is entirely possible for a live tree to fall. Lightning, heavy wind and land erosion can all cause a live tree to fall. However, it is FAR more likely for a dead tree to fall or have a branch fall. So do yourself a favor and get that dead tree removed.

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