Curb appeal adds a lot to your home value, because if people aren’t drawn to your house in their first impression, the demand for your home decreases. A lot of curb appeal is about the way your structures look, especially the main dwelling, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers aren’t also noticing how your yard looks. 

There are a lot of projects you could embark on for your outdoor space that could improve curb appeal, and some that may detract from it. Here are seven tried-and-true projects that we think will make your curb appeal (and therefore home value) increase.

  1. Add a water feature: There is something about the sound of running water that relaxes a person. In Bloomington, Indiana, we are many hours away from the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and a ways from the Great Lakes to our north, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pond, a fountain or another water feature. Done well, it can make a boring backyard into a calming escape. 
  2. Plant a tree: Seems pretty simple, but people don’t often think about taking this step. Most trees will take years to mature, but as they do, their value only increases, so it’s an investment in the future of the property. Choose the type of tree wisely, though, taking into consideration the climate and the particulars of your property. 
  3. Build a deck or patio: This project can be a little pricier, but there is a big difference between a property with a nice deck or patio and one without. These outdoor spaces just call for people to gather to enjoy food and drinks, read or to just socialize with friends and family. 
  4. “Fix” your lawn: Sure, your lawn has grass, but is it all it could be? I’m sure you’ve seen a lawn with thick, consistent, green grass. You’ve also seen lawns with dead spots, brown grass and maybe multiple varieties, all adding up to a chaotic, ugly mess. Fixing this can make a major difference in your curb appeal, so it may be worth it to bring in the experts to make it happen. 
  5. Illuminate paths and outdoors spaces: There are a wide variety of solar-powered lights available on the market now that can illuminate your paths or patio or water-feature area. These can accent the most attractive parts of your yard, giving them an almost magical quality once the sun goes down. They can also help you or your guests avoid stumbling.
  6. Construct an outdoor fire pit: Like we discussed with the listening to the sound of water earlier, looking into a fire does something to a person’s spirit. Sitting around a crackling fire with your friends or your children brings a fun, lively atmosphere, and curling up under a blanket with your significant other near a fire creates a perfect romantic moment. With just some paver stones, an area can be transformed into an inviting fire pit space. 
  7. Plant a garden: Variety adds a lot to a yard, and in addition to things like a patio or a tree, a garden can draw the eye away from what would otherwise be endless grass. Whether it’s a vegetable garden, an herb garden or a flower garden, each can add a visually appealing break in the property, and also provide some good things to eat depending on what you grow!

In Bloomington, Indiana, Anthony’s is a trusted name for those seeking to beautiful the outdoor areas of their property. We can help you plan a water feature or a patio, we can help you plant a garden or a tree, and we can certainly help get your lawn looking its best with that consistent, healthy green grass. Give us a call at (812) 345-5694 to learn more today.