There are those that love decorating for the holidays and those that just do it so they won’t be accused of lack of cheer by family, friends or neighbors. Whichever you are, we hope the tips and tricks below on how to best hang Christmas lights will be a big help. 

  1. Have a vision: Try to imagine what might make your home and yard stand out. Next time you’re walking your neighborhood, see what others have done that you like and consider if there’s anything you can incorporate. 
  2. Outline: The most tried and true way of hanging lights to decorate the exterior of your home is to outline its major elements. Have lights along the roofline, around doors and windows, and around the garage doors. 
  3. Variety: You can get the exact same size and color lights and then just put them everywhere, or you can get creative. For example, there are different sized lights, lights of many colors, stake lighting and net lighting. Lean in to these options to keep things interesting.
  4. Light the way: Use stake lights to highlight your walkways and driveway. This not only brings the decoration into the yard, rather than just the home, but it can make things safer for visitors on those dark, cold winter nights. 
  5. Measure twice: Before you start hanging lights, make sure you know how many feet of string lighting you’ll need to span the roof line or each window. You don’t want to figure out you don’t have enough once you’re at the top of an extension ladder. 
  6. Always have a partner: Climbing tall ladders while tangled in wire is dangerous. Be careful, and always have someone with you to hold the ladder — and to go get help if something goes wrong. 
  7. Use exterior-rated lights outside: A common mistake is not to realize there are interior-rated Christmas lights (to hang on Christmas trees and in the living room) as well as exterior-rated lights for the outside. Using the inside ones outside is not safe and should be avoided.
  8. Use a timer, or an app: If you are hi-tech, you have probably known for many Christmas seasons that you can save time and money on your power bill by having your lights on a timer. But now, you can even use an app on your smartphone if you’re so inclined.
  9. Count your strands: With string lights, the box should say how many strands can be safely linked together. Keep to this limit. Going over it can cause a fire hazard. 
  10. Avoid the tangle: With a little effort at the end of this Christmas season, you can avoid a lot of effort at the beginning of the next one. Rather than letting your lights become a giant knotted tangle, wrap them carefully around a clothes hanger. You’ll thank yourself later.

With these 10 tips, we think you’ll be well on your way to having the most festive home in Bloomington. If you live in Bloomington, Indiana, or the surrounding areas, give Anthony’s a call at (812) 345-5694 for any of your lawn and landscaping needs.