The moment you realize summer is over is probably the first day of school, or maybe even the day you go shopping for back to school stuff. The kids are geared out with their backpacks, binders, pens & pencils, and they step on the bus to go to the first day and then it rushes back to you: summer is officially over.

There are some great things about the fall, namely PSL flavored anything, football, and Octoberfest beers. Sweater weather is the best weather, and everyone loves to play in a giant pile of leaves…so many leaves.

Your trees are about to go through a transformation, mostly due to the loss of a tremendous amount of water. The trees actually produce cells called “abscission” cells that tell the leaves to fall off, so they can conserve all the water they possibly can until the spring. The leaves act as food producers, and in the winter they are not needed so they “fall” off, though to be fair the tree is really pushing them off.

So what does this mean for you? As a homeowner, you will have a couple different issues to deal with in the fall regarding trees:

  1. Leave Removal and Cleanup
  2. Limb Removal and Tree Trimming

Leaf removal is pretty straightforward, but obviously a major pain in the butt. You will need to use a rake or some other contraption, rake all the leaves into a pile, jump in the pile (obviously) and then bag them up for disposal. You will want to make sure to get as many of the leaves up as possible, as leaving coverage on your lawn over the winter can cause the grass to have serious problems in the Spring.

The same goes for limb removal and tree trimming, especially here in Bloomington and Southern Indiana. With the types of trees we have it’s imperative that you get limbs trimmed because they can easily freeze and break off in our frequent ice and snow storms. The last thing you want is for a giant frozen limb to come crashing down onto your home or car. Safety is paramount and you don’t want to try and cut limbs yourself. That’s why you should call someone like us, we are a member of the Internal Society of Arboriculture and can help you determine the correct way to trim your trees for winter.


So if you need help with leaf removal or tree trimming this fall call here in Bloomington, call Anthony’s Lawn Care & Landscaping at (812) 345-5694.