Remember when the chores were getting passed out as a kid and you got “raking leaves.” It always sounded much easier and faster than it ended up. If your yard had a big yard with a lot of trees, you could be out there for hours before you had grass cleared and a pile together. Sometimes, you’d take a break until the next day before bagging them, returning later to find the wind, or a pet, had rustled many of them back out of the pile. 

Don’t feel guilty hiring someone to remove leaves for you

There are many good reasons for subcontracting the job to someone else. As you get older, your energy levels may begin to drop and your schedule may begin to fill up. You likely have a lot of other things to fill your Saturdays with, and that’s okay. 

For many others, they may not be in a state of health where hard outdoor labor is a practical thing to tackle. Then again, lots of people just don’t like to spend their time doing time-consuming lawn projects, especially ones like leaf removal where the leaves may be back only a few short days later. Hiring a leaf removal service is the right decision for many people, and there’s no reason to second-guess yourself if you’re one of them.

Why remove leaves in the first place

Some articles lately have suggested people just skip the whole leaf removal practice all together. They argue leaves are good fertilizer and that removing them only creates more trash. This ignores that most homeowners are trying to maintain a healthy, safe, attractive lawn. Here are a few reasons to continue removing your leaves in the fall. 

  1. Leaves smother grass by blocking air flow. 
  2. Leaves prevent proper sunlight from reaching grass. 
  3. Leaves trap moisture, which can create mold and mildew problems. 
  4. Leaves create the perfect layer to hide from site for snakes, rodents and other pests, creating risks for children and pets playing. 
  5. Leaves don’t look good decomposing on your grass. A large reason for maintaining a lawn is for the looks, so the leaves have to go. 

Let Anthony’s remove your leaves for you

Having a large yard full of leaves cleared is not an easy job unless you have the right equipment and manpower. Our company has leaf blowers, vacuums, trucks to haul away the leaves and mulching equipment if you’d rather have it used in a garden or under a tree. 

If you live in the Bloomington, Indiana, area, call us at (812) 345-5694 to discuss having Anthony’s Lawn Care and Landscaping remove leaves from your property.