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Stump Griding in Bloomington, IN

Looking for a FREE quote to get a stump ground down at your home? Here is an instantaneous tree stump grinding calculator for Bloomington, Indiana and the surrounding areas (up to 20 miles for this quote, further will be minor additional surcharge).  If you’re looking for a pretty accurate or simply ball park number, look no further.

There are a few inputs, there are two Diameters because rarely are these stumps completely round.  Simply measure the largest diameter and then the diameter 90 degrees from it.  Next measure the height and try to find the tree type.  If you don’t know the tree type, just select unknown from the drop down menu.

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Did you have a tree removed, but the stump was left? Did a large tree fall and you simply cut off the excess, but left a large stump? If you don’t want to rent a stump grider and do it yourself, Anthony and team can help. We have professional grade stump grinders and an experienced crew to take care of all your stump griding needs in the Bloomington area. You don’t have to ask the question “how much does stump grinding cost” because we have the answer! 

 We are the premier tree removal company in Bloomington and surrounding areas, and we can get rid of your stump quickly. We can leave the chips for you, or we can haul them all off – use our stump grinder price calculator to get an estimate of what your job should cost! Note that other circumstances (incorrect measurements, difficult terrain etc) can impact the price and that this calculator is just an estimate. 

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“Anthony has removed two trees now for us that had fallen after storms and done some other landscaping jobs as well. He is reliable, fairly priced, and friendly. We are always thrilled with his work and his promptness. Highly recommend him!”


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What Makes Us Different?


We strive to provide fair and honest pricing, and our pricing generally some of the best you will find in Bloomington and surrounding areas. We believe that our service should be affordable and we work to make sure we keep costs low to keep your prices low. 

Quality People

Our staff really is the difference maker for not just our lawn mowing services, but our business in general. We work hard to hire good people who can be trusted around your home, and will deliver quality service in a timley manner. 


Ever since we started in 2014, we have been a company our clients can rely upon. With this type of business there is always going to be some flexibility needed in scheduling, but if we say we will be somewhere we honor that or make sure to communicate clearly and work to reschedule when it works for you. 


Eye For Detail

In our experience some of the issues clients have with other companies is a lack of detail and attention thereof. We make sure to do the little things, from calling ahead for an appointment to cleaning up our mess to calling after to check on the job. We believe the details matter. 

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