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Anthony’s Lawn Care & Landscaping is the leading tree service and landscape provider in the Bloomington area, and having spent as long as we have in the business we know sometimes people just want to do it themselves – they might just need a little info. If you have a tree or lawn project that you are looking to tackle as a DIYer we have some great resources to help you make it happen. 

Read the articles, use the guides and click the links to purchase products we recommend. If you have questions, or would like to get a free quote on a tree or landscape project let us know! 

DIY Blogs

Articles from our blog to help you with a variety of lawn topics. 

How Long Should I Cut My Lawn?

How Long Should I Cut My Lawn?

People often ask, “What height should I cut my lawn?” But they don’t always like the answer because it clashes with the way they’ve traditionally done things. We now know much more about what’s healthy, and we know, especially in the summer, mowing your lawn too short...

How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn

How To Control Weeds In Your Lawn

A “weed” is just our name for plants we would rather not have around. Having these nuisance plants in our yards or gardens is not just unsightly; they pilfer the nutrients, water and sunlight that the plants we DO want need to thrive. So, while killing these plants...

Keys To a Proper Yard Cleanup

Keys To a Proper Yard Cleanup

After a long Indiana winter, your lawn may not appear quite as pristine as you remembered it. The shape of your lawn in the spring will be somewhat reliant on how you treated it the year before, but even if you put a lot of work into it, don’t be surprised if it takes...

When To Aerate Your Indiana Lawn

When To Aerate Your Indiana Lawn

Aeration may seem like an unnecessary or even odd chore that your yard-obsessed neighbor does, but not normal people like you. But in reality, it is a key part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Knowing why to aerate, when to aerate and how to aerate is not as complicated...

Recommended Products

If you are looking for rakes, gloves, power tools and more we have compiled a variety of lawn care tools and supplies to help your DIY project. Click on a picture to see the item on Amazon.

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